Pashupati priest earns 10 times the salary of the Nepal president!


After a gruesome strike(stopping daily worship) of 41 days by the temple priests at the Pashupatinath temple, the holiest shrine for the Hindus all over the world , The Pashupati Area Development trust under the Government of Nepal and the Priests of the Pashupatinath Temple finally managed to reach an understanding according to which the main priests would now on draw monthly whopping salary/allowance of a million rupees (RS 10,00,000) minimum each month from the temple coffers which comes to be around #10times the salary of the president of Nepal and almost #5times the salary of the president of India. It does not end here. More shocking reality is that, The trust would also bear plane fare and travel expenses for the wife and children of the priest while travelling abroad. Looks like the god’s messenger needs more money to perform his work. What makes the priests so special that they are to be paid a million rupees per month? That too in a country where majority of the population’s PRAYERS for just SQUARE MEALS A DAY goes unheard. These are people who give religion a bad name, who have turned business out of it and conduct loot in the name of faith in broad daylight. An utter disgust….!

Salary of the president of Nepal- NRS 1,09,410
Salary of the president of India- IRS 1,50,000
Salary of the priests at the Pashupatinath temple- NRS 10,00,000 +


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