Does ‘Thamel Bazar’ sound similar to this old Bollywood song?

maxresdefaultThe song ‘Thamel Bazaar’ from the much awaited Nepali movie Loot 2 has already turned to be a blockbuster among the Nepalese diaspora around the world. Loot 2 is a sequel to the movie Loot which was a record breaking movie in Nepal. The sequel is yet to release but the song ‘ Thamel Bazaar’ from the movie  Loot 2 is gathering all the accolades for it’s catchy tune and enthralling performance by Alisha Rai in the video.

There is no doubt in the fact that this song is the most popular song in Nepal right now and it has become a customary must play song for any events, weddings and dance party lately. But it took a while for people to realize that this song has striking resemblance with the Bollywood song ‘Tujhe jeewan ke dor se bandh liya hai’ from the 1962 Hindi movie Asli Nakli featuring Dev Anand . The song was sung by Lata Mangeskar and Mohammad Rafi. Well, it could just be a coincidence or the music composer of the song ‘ Thamel Bazaar’ could have possibly drawn some  inspiration out of the old Bollywood hit but the opening tunes of both the songs indeed seem similar as reported in

Here is the link to the song  ‘Thamel Bazaar’ from the movie Loot 2

And here is the link to the song ‘Tujhe Jeewan ki dor se baandh liya hai’ from the movie Asli Nakli

There has been many instances in the past when artists and music composers have been accused of plagiarism and at other times the composers have indeed acknowledged and drawn inspiration from old compositions. The song ‘ Thamel Bazar’ is in top of the playlist for most Nepalese now. You can decide for yourself if the opening tunes of both the songs sound similar or not !


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