Top Ten Nepali Valentine songs of all time !


Every human being born in this world is hungry for love. Love has been defined by people across civilizations as one of the best human feelings. Love is a beautiful blend of several types of feelings which include interpersonal affection and pleasure. It is also related to a strong emotion which reflects personal attachment and irresistible attraction. Therefore, love is one of the most profound human emotions without any doubt. Love may involve the strong bond and affection between a mother and her child and vice versa. It may also indicate the attachment in a relation between siblings and friends. The beautiful human feelings of compassion, kindness, affection all come with love. As a matter of fact, there is no particular relation in which we can restrict love. However, when we talk about love, we commonly refer to a romantic relation between a man and a woman. 14th February is marked as Valentine’s Day each year and Valentine has almost become synonymous to Love in recent times. The week that Valentine’s Day falls in is celebrated as the Valentines week or week of Love.

Love is such a strong human emotion that can make any person lose their conscience. Many wars have been fought and many feats have been achieved in the name of Love. People may become foolish when they are in love. The most powerful of kings in history have been known to become powerless in front of their beloved one. Love is that emotion which has been used the most by the musicians, writers, poets and artists to replicate their feelings throughout different civilizations. People may use different mediums to convey their feeling for their loved ones. In recent times flowers, chocolates, cards and expensive gifts are presented to the loved ones to express the beautiful feeling which we know as Love. This writer still remembers a time when audio cassettes compilation of Love songs used to be available in the market which was a popular gift for Valentine’s Day a few years back. A poet can beautifully pour the emotions and experiences in his words. Then, a musician can add magic to it. This is how songs are made. It is no wonder why, music has been a universal medium to express human emotions and it is equally used to reciprocate Love among the Love birds in this week of valentine. For all those mad birds in love, here in this article, we have enlisted the top ten Nepali Valentine songs of all times.

  1. Eh kancha malai sun ko tara khasaideu na- Aruna Lama

This is a old Nepali song originally sung by Lakpa sherpa and popular singer Aruna Lama. This song is special because of it’s beautiful composition and amazing lyrics. This song is a duet song which resembles a conversation between a girl and her loved one. In the opening lines of this song, the girl requests her beloved one to get the golden stars for her. In reply the boy says that he will not only get the stars but also the moon for her. This is a timeless composition which has been able to capture the attention of Nepalese people across generations. A beautiful cover of the original song has been done by singer Jyovan Bhuju feat. Deeksha J Thapa.

  1. I love you – Anil Singh

Anil Singh was a very well known Nepali pop singer in the past decade for his distinct type of voice and he was more popular for his love songs. Among many of his Love songs, the song with the title ‘I Love you’ was a super hit in the early years of the twenty first century. In the song, the boy tries to expresses his love for the girl by singing to the tunes of ‘ I love you’. It is a peppy tune with easy flow of words because of which this song goes well in the top ten Nepali love songs of all times.

  1. Timi laai ma k bhanu- Narayan Gopal

It will really be impossible if we make up a list of top Nepali love songs and any song of Narayan Gopal wouldn’t fit into it. There are many timeless classic numbers of the Musical Maestro Narayan Gopal, popularly known as the swor samrat (King of music) in Nepal. Among those songs, Timi lai ma K bhanu is one song which befits the top ten list of evergreen Nepali love songs. This song amazingly reflects how a lover uses different objects like the flowers and the moon to compare with the girl whom he loves. This song carries a strong intensity of emotions and it is certain to push you deep down into memory lanes. The song has been rearranged lately with a beautiful musical video.

  1. Timro Ankha ma anshu heri- Swaroop raj acharya/ Anju Panta

This song is a love song from recent times compared to other songs in the list. This song ‘Timro aankha ma anshu heri’ is composed by Arjun Pokhrel and the song is sung by popular Nepali singers Swaroop raj acharya and Anju Panta. This song was originally composed and sung for the Nepali movie Stupid Mann. This song has a soothing kind of an effect with lyrics and music to mesmerize anybody.

  1. Pareli maa Lukai rakha na- 1974 AD

1974 AD is one of the most popular musical bands in Nepal and they have been going strong for over a decade now. ‘Pareli ma’ is a song composed and sung by the band 1974 AD and it has been covered or re sung by various artists till date. No doubt, it is a very popular song among the youth and the middle aged folks who grew up listening to this song in their Youthful years. In this song the singer sings about how a person desires to be hidden and captured within the eyes of his loved one. Oh, what a poetical manifestation of love indeed!

  1. Timile ta haina – Bachchu kailash

This song ‘ timile ta haina’ was originally written by Chhetra Pratap Adhikari. The music was composed by Natikaji and the song was sung by Bachchu Kailash. It was a very popular song probably during the heydays of Radio Nepal but this timeless classic was brought back to life by various modern day singers and musicians. It has been covered beautifully by Axata Adhikari, Priyanka karki and many other singers which is why this song gained popularity once again among the twenty first century Nepali internet generation. The opening line of the song goes like, ‘it is not actually you but it is the beauty of your eyes which has already stolen my heart’.

  1. I love you- Kamal K. Chhetri

Here is another song with the title ‘ I love you’ but this song is sung by Nepali pop singer Kamal chhetri who rose to fame with this love song. This song has already crossed 5 million views on Youtube and it gained outstanding success amongst the younger generations because of the vibes of love which this song reflects beautifully. Renowned actor Paul Shah and actress Prakriti Shrestha are seen playing the love couple in the video of this song. The song is about how a guy who is not able to express his love towards his girl despite how hard he tried to do so.

  1. Kahile timro pachyauri ma aljhe – Udit narayan Jha/ Deepa Jha

Kahile timro pachyauri ma aljhe is a song written by Lyricist Raman Ghimire, composed by Alok shree and sung by the famous Bollywood singer udit narayan Jha/ Deepa Jha. This song had gained immense popularity in the past decade so the present teenage generation maynot be aware of this song but the older generation is sure to be hit by sheer nostalgia, as soon as they hear this song. This song carries the magic of a ballad which can beat time with the superb music and captivating voice of Udit Narayan Jha.

  1. Suna bhana na- Udit Narayan Jha/ Deepa Jha

This is the second time the Udit/ Deepa duo appear on the top ten Nepali love songs of all times list. The song ‘ Suna Bhana na’ was originally written and composed for the movie, Kusume Rumal which  was a bumper hit Nepali movie in the 80’s. The movie starred evergreen Nepali actor Bhuwan KC and the song ‘Suna bhana na’ features the singer Udit Narayan Jha himself as the actor and Tripti Nadkar as the actress. This love ballad is also an exchange of feelings  between a love struck couple. This song has been covered recently by various singers and artists including VJ/preity, but the original version carries the deepest of emotions because of which it justifies its place in Number 2 of Top ten Nepali valentine songs of all time.

  1. Hello Puja- Shagun Tamrakar

When we talk about Nepali Valentine’s Day song then ‘Hello Puja’ is certainly one and only song which will hit everybody’s mind at first. ‘Hello Puja’ is a song which is played continuously by every Nepali music stations and television channels during each Valentine’s day. It is the reason why this song stands strong on top of the list of Top ten Nepali Valentine songs of all times. Originally sung by singer Sagun Tamrakar, this college love song Hello Puja originally titled ’14th Feb’ became the youth anthem in the early twenty first century. The song beautifully reflects the love and beautiful vibes between college going couples in the past generation. In the original version of the video, the protagonist is seen making an effort to woo the girl he desperately loves.


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