Thaneswar Guragai of Nepal breaks 14 Guinness World Record titles and still counting !


At one time, what we commonly understood when most of us Nepalese heard about  Guinness Book of World Records was that it is all about making records while climbing mountains, being the shortest, tallest or the fattest person in the world.It was because the only records set by any Nepalese nationals in the Guinness Book was related to climbing Everest and in more recent years two of our fellow Nepalese made it to the Guinness Book of world records for being the world’s shortest man. Similarly, many of us have grown up seeing and reading news about foreign nationals setting world records doing things which seemed impossible to us. However, there was one man from Nepal, Thaneswar Guragain who believed in breaking the barriers and facing the challenges as they come.

Thaneswar liked being innovative and doing things in a different way right from his childhood. He always believed that if any human being born on this planet can do certain things then any other person also has the capability to achieve the same thing but it requires a lot of hard work, determination and patience. This is why Thaneswar Guragai, who was born in a remote village of Sankhuwasabha, twenty seven years back stepped ahead on a remarkable journey of becoming a Record Breaker from Nepal. He currently holds 14 different world records in his name and most recently he has made a 15th attempt to get his name registered in the Guinness Book of World Records by balancing a chainsaw weighing 7 Kilograms on his chin for 5 minutes and 7 seconds. Earlier, the same record was in the name of US citizen, Ashrita Furman with recorded time of 1 minute and 41 seconds.

Earlier records held by Thaneswar Guragai

1.Most basketball bounces in one minute – 444 bounces
2.Most passes through tennis racket in 1 min – 38 times
3.Longest time spinning basketball on toothbrush – 40 seconds
4.Longest time spinning basketball 3 basketball simultaneously- 12 seconds
5.Most passes through tennis racket in 3 min – 96 times
6.Longest time spinning 2 basketball on both hand and 1 on toe – 10seconds
7.Longest time spinning Guinness book in a finger – 30 minutes
8.Longest time spinning basketball on the head – 23 seconds
9.Most circles around waist with a basketball in 30 seconds- 56 times
10.Most passes through tennis racket in 30 second – 22 times
11.Longest time spinning basketball on a toe – 20 seconds
12.Longest time spinning basketball on nose – 7 seconds
13.Longest time spinning basketball on an elbow – 6.62 second
14. Fastest time to pass through tennis racket 3 times – 4.91 seconds


Thaneswar made his first attempt on Guinness Book of World Records in October 2010 when he was living and studying at Siddha Ashram  Shakti Kendra situated at Basundhara, Kathmandu. His stay at the Ashram for five years of his student life became a turning point for him as he gained a lot of spiritual and positive energy to be motivated in doing what he wanted to do.


In the beginning, Thaneswar spent a lot of sleepless nights doing research on collecting information about different types of Guinness Book records and the record holders. It was at that moment he came to know about Ashrita Furman who is known to be the man who holds the most number of records in the world. Ashrita Furman currently holds around 200 world records in his name because of which he became a source of inspiration for Thaneswar Guragai. It was difficult to determine what he should begin with but he had a deep interest in music and also being a talented Tabala player, he realized that he can use the skills of a tabala player to achieve a record. He knew that a tabala player requires rapid hand movement so he started practicing to break the record of most basketball bounces in one minute which was recorded earlier at 384 times in the name of Ashrita Furman. Thaneswar says that it was not easy in the beginning because he couldn’t even do it for 150 times. Many people discouraged and mocked him for attempting something which seemed impossible for them but that didn’t stop Thaneswar from putting more effort and hard work to achieve his goal. He used to spend around 10 hours every day and he regularly did it for around 10-11 months without complaining or stepping down at the worst of moments. Finally, after months of arduous practice and pushing himself ahead with self motivation, Thaneswar was able to break the first world record in the category of Most basketball bounces in one minute by bouncing the ball for 444 times in a minute.


Breaking the first world record was a great achievement but Thaneswar Guragai was determined not to stop there. He realized that the first record was just the beginning and the achievements were to follow one after another. There was nothing to stop him after that moment as he buckled hard to break other world records in different categories. Thaneswar says that nothing comes easy in life and it is indeed not a walk in the park to break a world record because there are very few people who are born with special abilities. However, apart from the special abilities, the most important thing necessary to break world records is to have continuous focus, determination and patience. It is not easy at all to keep doing the same thing for over ten hours every day as there are moments when you feel tired, irritated and monotonous but you need to get a grip over yourself and move ahead with a lot of patience and hard work. This mantra not only applies to making and breaking world records but also to achieve success in life. When asked about his opinion on failure in life, Thaneswar says that Failure is a pathway to success and if there is no failure then we can never enjoy the fruit of success. He remembers his second attempt on breaking the world record in the category of longest time spinning Guinness book in a finger where he set the record of six minutes but he failed tens of thousands of times before that. In his first attempt, he couldn’t even do it for ten seconds while his goal was to do it for six minutes. This is why he believes, failure is an essential factor to teach the value of success. It is only with extraordinary effort that one can overcome failure to achieve success in life.


At present, Thaneswar is studying Masters in Business studies at Brilliant Multiple College located at Chabahil, Kathmandu. He considers his record breaking attempts as his passion and he dreams of setting new records but he points out towards financial constraints which make things difficult to attempt new records. He expects support from different organizations in his continuous attempts to make Nepal and all Nepalese proud by setting maximum number of world records in the future.

Thaneswar Guragai is also involved in social service and different social organizations. He is the member of Leo club of Itahari Sunsari, which is a social service oriented Youth organization associated with the International Association of Lions clubs and it was in the program organized by the same club that he made his latest record breaking attempt. Similarly Thaneswar is also actively involved with Men’s Room Reloaded and Dari Gang (Justified that, apart from world records he also has a cool and attractive enough beard to get the ladies going weak on the knees).

Video featuring first record breaking attempt of most number of basketball bounce in a minute

Video featuring passing through tennis racket most number of times

Video featuring his record breaking attempt at Hongkong 

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