Gavin Kshetri the Nepal born guy from Voice of Finland steps into Politics !


Gobinda Bahadur Rijal Kshetri aka Gavin Kshetri from Voice of Finland -2017 fame is all set to step into new territory this time around by keeping politics within his eyesight. Gavin who originally hails from Butwal, which is a town in southern Nepal got into the limelight after his outstanding performance at the Voice of Finland- 2017 blind auditions, earlier this year. He sang the song ‘ the man who can’t be moved ‘by The Script at the blind auditions and his performance was loved and widely appreciated by the judges as well as by the audiences worldwide. We had covered his performance at the show in our previous post which you can find here.

Gavin Kshetri who has been living in Seinäjoki city for the past seven years is the permanent resident of Finland. Seinäjoki city is one of the fastest growing cities in Finland mostly known as a hub for education and business activities. Gavin claims to be an enthusiastic and energetic resident of Seinäjoki city which has a total population of around 62,000. Gavin had pulled off an impressive performance at the Voice of Finland blind auditions and nothing can beat his passion for music but Gavin believes that this is not the end and he has newer avenues to explore. He holds a strong opinion that the youth have to come forward to take responsibility and lead in the society wherever they are living in the world. This is exactly why, keeping aside his passion in music for the time being, Gavin is trying his hand on politics. He is representing the Social Democratic Party to contest at the Seinäjoki City council elections in the upcoming Municipal elections scheduled for April- 2017. The Social Democratic Party is considered to be one of the largest political parties in Finland with its strong hold among the working class population.

Gavin Kshetri, the young and enthusiastic lad hailing from Nepal has earned quite a good reputation in Seinäjoki city because of his continuous involvement in social activities. He is mostly keen about uplifting the situation of immigrants and trying to create equal opportunities amongst all. In the past years,Gavin’s involvement has been with the church as well as organizations like the  Finnish red cross society and non profit organizations working for the welfare of people  in dire need of support. Gavin has been working as the Fund raising manager for the Red Cross Society in Seinäjoki city and he is fully motivated to support and contribute for community service activities. He says that sharing and giving will pay back happiness in return and he knows it better because he understands exactly how it feels like to not have much in life.

Gavin who was just setting on his musical journey decided to step into politics and this decision surprised many people but Gavin says that he is not quitting music and he is determined to take it along. Gavin admits that he is committed to work hard and keep alive his burning passion for music.  He believes that Politics is an influencing factor for the wellbeing of the people and it is significantly crucial to take care of the betterment of the general people. He thinks it is time that everyone, including the youth must step forward to participate and create a better future for everyone. Gavin Kshetri believes that his decision to step into politics in Finland is not only a matter of concern for Finnish citizens or the immigrants in Finland but it can be an exemplary step for Nepalese citizens as well as Nepalese immigrants living in any part of the world.  It might be easier to stay within your own comfort zone but your small step might have an everlasting impact for the betterment of the society. Gavin also has a message for all the youth in Nepal. He says that Nepal is going through a rapid transition process and this is the right time when the youth should come forward to participate in the change making process which they deserve. He is particularly concerned about the deteriorating political condition in Nepal so he insists on the need for a youth led peaceful revolution in Nepal as soon as possible.

At the moment, Gavin is fully geared up for the Seinäjoki city council elections and he has full faith in his tireless efforts. He says that success is relative and one has to keep pushing ahead with their good deeds in life. Dreaming big is important and it is necessary to put in full effort to chase that dream. Finally, Gavin expects full support from all the denizens of Seinäjoki city for the upcoming city council elections. We wish him all the best in all of his enthusiastic endeavors.



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