Towns which elected dogs,cats and Goat as Mayor !


The never ending debates, meaningful or logic less arguments and over whelming response generated by the upcoming Nepal local elections may have engaged and irritated you a bit by now. The social media as well as the tea shops, bars and pubs are all flooded with discussions about who is the best candidate. The public is heavily polarized with their ideas, opinions and perception regarding the ideal candidate or political party. On one side, we have the radical ones who claim to be the change makers for the upcoming generations while on the other side we have the traditional ones who boast of the decades they spent in service of the nation. Among all the rhetoric, propagandas and political claims, we introduce you to ‘Mayors’ from a non conventional front belonging to different parts of the world. Yes, they were not in the headlines because they were young and energetic neither they were talked about because they were experienced and capable. Here, we list out those extra-ordinary Mayors with tails who were able to make it to the position of the Mayor in their respective towns. Yes, you read it right. We are talking about Mayors with tails and not tales. This story is about those cats and dogs that made it to the post of Mayor in their towns in different parts of the world. So this time, before casting your vote, we hope you remember who you are really voting for rather than the glamour and rhetoric attached to them. The details about our furry Mayors is listed below.


  1. Dog wins the Mayor elections in town of Minnesota

It may come as a surprise for many people but yes it is true that Duke, a nine-year-old dog of Great Pyrenees breed had won the mayor elections of Cormorant, Minnesota for the third time in a row. The elections were held at the “Cormorant Daze” festival in which people were told to pay a dollar to cast their ballot for a fundraising event. In that process, Duke the dog became the first honorary Mayor of the town. Duke has become a popular celebrity ever since and he has been featured by news portals, publications around the world including the National Geographic channel. He also has his own Facebook page and the link is here.  More information related to Duke, the Mayor is given in the video link given here.


  1. 2. Bosco the Labrador -Rottweiler of Sunol, California

Bosco the mixed breed Labrador- Rottweiler was elected as the ceremonial Mayor of Sunol, California for 13 long years. The communist publication The People’s daily in 1989 had published news in which Bosco was indicated as the proof to the failure of democratic system. Bosco was even invited to participate in a pro-democracy rally outside of the Chinese consulate in San Francisco during the Tiananmen Square protests.


  1. Stubbs the cat Mayor Talkeetna, Alaska

Just like Duke of Minnesota, Stubbs has been the elected Mayor of Talkeetna in Alaska for the past 15 years. The settlement which has 900 people living in it elected Stubbs the cat after they didn’t like any human candidates. Thus they wrote ‘Stubbs the cat’ to vote the feline as the Mayor of their settlement. Locals considered supporting the cat to be the Mayor because they thought that ‘the town with the cat Mayor’ tag would help to promote tourism. Now, it has already been 15 long years that Stubbs has been the Mayor. It is a long duration to be in power. Specially, when you are a Mayor with four legs and a tail.


4. Lucy Lou- the dog Mayor of Rabbit Hash, KY

Rabbit Hash is a small settlement in Kentucky where a German shepherd by the name of Goofy was elected as the Mayor in 1998. It was initially started as a fundraising campaign but people went ahead with a mock Mayor election with the model of the real mayor elections of Chicago. The people of the town paid a dollar for every ballot and Goofy the German shepherd won the elections with a massive landslide 8000 votes. Practically, he bought off the elections. Didn’t he? After Goofy, Junior a black Labrador and Lucy Lou, a Border collie have been elected the town’s Mayor. Lucy currently serves as the Mayor of the town. Ever wondered what promises they might have made to the people?


5. The beer drinking goat Mayor of Lajitas, Texas

Henry Clay III, a goat earned a lot of popularity in the media because of his love with beer. This beer drinking goat grabbed overwhelming media attention when he got elected as the Mayor of Lajitas, Texas. Clay was the third hoofed mayor of Lajitas, Texas. After death of Henry Clay, Lousy, the daughter of Henry is set to be elected as the new Mayor of Lajitas. More information about Henry Clay is given in the link here.


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