Latest video version of Bistarai Bistarai featured in Prem Geet 2 is absolutely breathtaking !

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The Nepali fusion pop song ‘Bistarai bistarai’ originally composed and sung by Rohit John Chettri has almost become a love anthem for the younger generation in Nepal for the past couple of years. The original song video has fetched over three million views on YouTube while another version of the song sung by Namratha Shrestha for the movie ‘Soul Sister’ has over 1.3 million views.

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If you have loved both those version of this ‘Love ballad’ and you are also a fan of Rohit John Chhetri then there is definitely another great thing to cheer about for you. The video of the song ‘ Bistarai bistarai’ has been released in a new version featuring the dashing actor Pradeep Khadka and gorgeous actress Aaslesha Thakuri in the upcoming Nepali movie Prem Geet 2.

prem geet 2Prem Geet 2 is the sequel of the 2016 Nepali romantic movie, Prem Geet directed by Sudarshan Thapa. The prequel which also starred Pradeep Khadka in the lead role is the seventh highest grossing movie in the history of Nepali cinema. The movie Prem Geet 2 is expected to break the earlier records set by its prequel and with addition of the song ‘Bistarai Bistarai’ written composed and sung by Rohit John Chettri, more people are certain to be drawn to the theatres.

prem geetThe video of the original song has been shot in various versions till now but Prem Geet-2 version is the best of all so far. The location, cinematography and camera work in the song video is so amazing that the whole time spent watching the video seems like treat to the eyes. Shot in absolutely picturesque locations around the Rara Lake in Far Western Nepal, the video has such breathtaking visuals which makes it one of the most amazingly shot Nepali song videos ever.

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The song Director and Choreographer Renasha Bantawa Rai has done an outstanding job but it is the cinematographer Purushottam Pradhan who steals the show with his clinically performed job. Lead Actor featured in the video Pradeep Khadka already has a huge female fan following owing to his flamboyant looks. Similarly actress Aaslesha Thakuri who replaces Pooja Sharma in the sequel looks absolutely captivating in the song video.

Watch the video of the song ‘Bistarai Bistarai’ from Prem Geet 2 in the link by clicking here.



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