Five things you didn’t know about 2017 Miss Nepal Nikita Chandak !

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The talented and gorgeous contestant Nikita Chandak was crowned as the Miss Nepal 2017 in the grand finale at the Miss Nepal 2017 contest organized by Hidden Treasure on June 2nd 2017 at Hotel Annapurna, Durbar Marg. With her outstanding performance throughout the contest, Nikita also bagged two more titles including the title winner of Miss Confident and Miss Popular Choice at the pageant.

In the words of Nikita Chandak herself, an ordinary girl on the day of the contest woke up as an individual with a lot of challenges and responsibilities in the next morning. The title of Miss Nepal not only gave her a lot of name and fame over night but it also instilled unlimited level of positivity and courage for challenges which lay ahead. With the end of the contest, the girl next door turned into a celebrity overnight and the whole nation wanted to know more about her. In this article, we have listed six such things which you may not have known about Miss Nepal Nikita Chandak.

nikita-chandak111. The Miss Nepal thing happened by accident and her childhood dream was to become a doctor.

Nikita had no plans or intentions of participating in the Miss Nepal pageant until two months back. She was a sharp student and always topped her class during her childhood. She hadn’t imagined in her wildest dreams that she would ever participate in a beauty pageant or modeling contest. As a child she dreamt of becoming a doctor however fate had different plans for her. Now she plans to get into acting.  After completing her board exams, Nikita wanted to utilize her vacation by participating in the TGIF Nepal Fashion Week where she was appreciated by Former Miss Nepal Asmi Shrestha and Director of Hidden Treasure, Subarna Chhetri. It was them who motivated her to participate in the contest after which she spoke with her family and then she applied for the Miss Nepal Pageant. As we all know this turned out to be the best vacation any one would ever have and rest is History!


2. She is originally from Urlabari, Morang in Eastern Nepal and currently studies in India.

Born into an ethnic Marwari family in Urlabari Morang, Nikita Chandak received her primary level education in her hometown. When she was in the second grade, she went to West Bengal Boarding school but returned back to Urlabari after an year. She stayed in her hometown until the eighth grade. Then she went to Rajasthan from where she completed her high school level education. At present she is pursuing Bachelors degree in Commerce at Amity University in Noida. Nikita says that her parents and family have been extremely supportive and encouraging in her journey to the crown of Miss Nepal.


3. Nikita is planning to donate 50 Percent of the pageant prize money.

In a very inspiring gesture of generosity, Nikita Chandak has declared that she would be donating 50 percent of her prize money to charity. She has announced that the beneficiary of the donation would be Maiti Nepal which is a nonprofit organization working against human trafficking. Nikita paid a visit to Maiti Nepal with the other contestants during the training sessions of Miss Nepal. She had decided at the moment that she would want to do something for the organization which is why she had written in her diary that if she wins the title then she would donate fifty percent to the organization.  It is really good to see that the beauty queen is committed to help the people in need and her decision is truly praiseworthy.


4. She is strict vegetarian with no  cooking skills.

As most of the people from Marwari community are strict vegetarians, Nikita also prefers healthy vegetarian food in her daily diet.  She is not much fond of particular food item or dish but she loves fruits and fruit juice. Nikita doesn’t like spicy, oily and outdoor junk food as served in restaurants. She rather prefers simple type of home cooked food which include Chapatis ( Roti),Lentils (Dal) and vegetables. Nikita dislikes dairy food items. She takes her breakfast consisting of Oat meals, bananas and juice usually at 9:00 AM in the morning. Then she takes her lunch at 1:00 in the afternoon. She has her dinner at 8:00 PM in the evening. Nikita believes that drinking enough quantity of water is extremely essential for the body so she drinks around 4 liters of water every day. It is quite interesting to know that Nikita is neither very fond of eating nor is she much interested in cooking. She divides the household chores with her sister who is much fond of cooking. So, Nikita’s responsibility would be to help her in cleaning and getting other stuffs done.


5.No makeup and accessories but loves shopping and styling.

Nikita considers herself as beauty conscious but she doesn’t believe in indulging too much into makeup. She applies very basic makeup including simple eyebrow work and lipstick. She is also not very fond of jewelries or accessories. She wears a small ring in her right index finger which is the only accessory she wears regularly. Nikita is rather very fond of shopping and fashion styling. Usually, she goes for shopping with her sister. Nikita is brand conscious but she prefers wearing dress which suits her best. She says that ‘being stylish is not only about buying expensive branded dress but it is more about what suits your personality’. Her favorite color is Black.

Nikita will be representing Nepal in an international platform at the Miss World 2017 pageant that will be held in China later this year. We wish her all the best for the contest and beyond that.


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