New Trailer out: Pradeep Khadka stars as an MMA fighter in Prem Geet -2

premgeet cover

This is the first time that the trailer of a Nepali movie has generated so much of a huge wave among the public who were desperately waiting for the trailer release of Prem Geet 2. After a long wait and amidst a colossal uproar of expectations, the trailer of the movie Prem Geet 2 featuring the sensational star Pradeep Khadka as Prem and the gorgeous Aaslesha Thakuri as Geet has been made public on YouTube.


The film Prem Geet 2, written and directed by Ram Sharan Pathak is sequel to the super hit movie of the year 2016, Prem Geet. The sequel has the most challenging task to beat the level of superiority set by its prequel which is why the team of Prem Geet 2 has pitched in all their coins for the making of this classic action/love story.  The story seems more like a typical Bollywood Action/Love story but overall package of the movie would surely leave your jaws dropped wide open.

prem geet 2

The greatest factor that we cannot help but notice in the movie trailer is that Pradeep Khadka is definitely heading towards becoming the next big thing in Nepalese movie industry. Yes, I really mean it when I say it because Khadka has all that it takes to be the Superstar. It is beyond any doubt that he looks extremely promising as an adorable loverboy and then suddenly he emerges as a tough and fearsome MMA fighter in Prem Geet 2. The Mixed martial art scenes resembling scenes from Thai action movie ‘Ongbak’ is enough to give you Goosebumps. The MMA fight scene reminds you of top notch Hollywood and Thai action movies.


The movie has been shot in picturesque locations around Rara Lake in Mugu district, Lumbini and also in International locations including Myanmar and Thailand. We had covered the story about the song from the movie shot in amazing locations around Rara Lake. You can find the whole story in the link given here.

prem geet 3

The movie is scheduled for a release on 28th July 2017 and with the way the movie trailer has been received by the audiences, it is certain that Prem Geet 2 is going to get the box office bells ringing pretty loudly. Mark my words when I say it that Prem Geet 2 is going to break through the doors and set new records in the history of Nepali cinema.

Watch the trailer of the movie Prem Geet- 2 in the link below. 


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