Dhinchak Pooja’s videos removed from her YouTube channel. Somebody named Katthappa reported her but WHY?


It would really be a shame if you are a social media user and you still don’t know the legacy of ‘Dhinchak Pooja’. Yes, Dhinchak Pooja has turned out to be a storm and a sensation on YouTube. She is more like a Tsunami which has flooded the internet with her mighty presence. She got into the limelight when her cringe- pop songs including Selfie Maine Leli aaj and Swag wali topi got viral on YouTube.


Her channel on YouTube has over 182 K subscribers and it has managed to generate a whopping 30 million views in no time. Her songs are no doubt pain to the ears and she has tried every measure to  make sure that her songs will always stay off note and tone deaf.


The internet is a strange place to be in as you never know what will be the reason for your shot to stardom. This is exactly what happened to Dhinchak Pooja and she became a star overnight. People hated her. The internet was flooded with ‘Dhinchak pooja’ trolls and the haters made her even more popular. Now, with all the immense popularity, she has even managed to generate a separate cult of fans who identify themselves as ‘Dhinchakinans’.


Now, this is definitely not good news for all those Dhinchakians that as half the world was sleeping last night, all the vidoes of Dhinchak Pooja on Youtube were shockingly removed from YouTube.According to reports,the action was taken by YouTube after somebody by the name of Katthappa Singh reported against Dhinchak Pooja for copyright violations.


Yes, it is Katthappa Singh and not the Katappa from Bahubali. As the conspiracy theory might go, the video might have been taken down apparently because the person who reported i.e’Katappa Singh’ might be part of the production crew or he might be somewhere in the videos. Whatsoever, as we checked onto her Channel late last night, all the videos had already been taken down.

When we checked on the channel again this morning, the latest of her songs ‘Dilon kaa shooter’ is already back. It has generated a staggering 6.9 million views just within 2 weeks of its release. Now, this has certainly raised suspicions regarding the fact that all of this could be well planned publicity stunt to draw more attention to her ‘dhinchak’ videos. The Twitterati and Social media is already buzzing hot with the news regarding this  Katthappa guy reporting on Dhinchak pooja songs and the most common question asked as you all can imagine is  ‘Kattappa ne Dhinchak pooja  ko kyun maara?’


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