Singer Astha Raut speaks on the ‘Chakka Panja’ issue as Deepak Raj Giri posts an apology. Controversy or Publicity Stunt?

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Controversy related to the song ‘ Ye daju nasamau nadima’ is the hot topic in town recently. The video of the song from the upcoming Nepali movie ‘Chakka Panja-2’ was released last week on YouTube and it is already on top of the list of Trending videos on the video streaming site.  It is not surprising at all that the video has generated over 1.3 million views so far within the first three days of its release. The song video dragged more attention when Prince Nepali, great grandson of Late Kanchha Magar Nepali accused Music composer Almoda Rana Uprety of ‘Plagiarism’. According to sources, music composer Almoda Rana Uprety had first heard the song from Prince himself and then he rearranged it to be included in the movie, Chakka Panja without the former’s consent.

People have been reacting in their own ways in regards to this controversy and the Entertainment industry has not been spared either. Popular Nepali singer Aastha Raut took to social networking site Facebook to express her opinions in relation to this incident. She has posted a couple of status on her Facebook page in which she has strongly opposed against the trend of ‘Plagiarizing’ in the entertainment industry. She has said that the family members of the original composer had to be consulted for consent before using their composition in the movie. She has further said that it is useless to edit the credits in the YouTube video after the media hype and controversy has already been created.

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Similarly, Filmmaker Deepak Raj Giri also relied on Facebook to clear things out related to the song credit controversy. He has mentioned in his Facebook post that the song was actually not stolen but Almoda Rana Uprety had not revealed about the original song composers to the Film making team. Giri claims to have been kept in the dark by Almoda in this regard. Giri has apologized for any kind of inconveniences caused by this controversy. He also mentioned that every necessary effort would be taken to ensure the rightful justice and respect for the original creators.

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In the midst of all these controversies, some sources are also pointing out towards the possibility of a well planned publicity stunt being the reason behind the series of all of these accusations and apologies. It is quite surprising that Prince Nepali the great grandson of the original composer is involved in the composition of lyrics for the song. So, it is highly unlikely that his consent was not taken for the song. Publicity stunts like these are not uncommon nowadays in the movie industry. However, it is all about possibilities and assumptions. It is only the parties involved who are well aware about the reality. We hope that the original composer gets the well deserved respect and credit. Music producers, composers and movie makers should be careful towards giving proper credit to the original creators of any song, music, story or any creation in the future.

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This new song from Chakka Panja-2 is so awesome but sadly it has been accused of ‘Stealing’!


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