This new song from Chakka Panja-2 is so awesome but sadly it has been accused of ‘Stealing’!

chakka panja

As soon as the new song ‘ Ye Daju nasamau nadi maa’ hit my ears, it seemed to get stuck permanently on my mind. That was the kind of magic which the song was able to create. The song ‘ Ye Daju nasamau nadi maa’ ‘ is from the upcoming movie ‘Chakka Panja 2’.

The 2016 Nepalese dark comedy film Chakka Panja was undoubtedly the most successful movie to be ever made in the Nepalese movie industry. With massive collection of over $2.063 million, it was able to break all records at the box office. After a long wait, the sequel of earlier blockbuster is expected to release soon. The first song video of the movie ‘Ye Daju nasamau nadi maa’ was released two days back and the popularity of the song spread like wildfire within the first twenty four hours. The song was rapidly on its way to top the charts when it suddenly got mired in a new controversy involving Plagiarism.

Sources reveal that Almoda Rana Uprety, the music composer of the Chakka Panja 2 movie song  has been accused of ‘stealing the song’ by the family members of Late Kanchha Magar Nepali who is said to be the original composer of the song. According to sources, the song is a traditional folk song of the ‘Gandharbha’ community. Prince Nepali, the great grandson of Kancha Magar Nepali is reported to have claimed that the song was originally composed by his great grandfather. Almoda had reportedly heard the song from Prince and then it was re- arranged for the movie Chakka Panja-2.

Controversy broke in as soon as the video was released to public and if the media sources are to be believed then the family members of Kancha Magar Nepali are planning to file a case under the ‘copyright act’ against the movie makers. In the mean time, the credits of the song in the YouTube video has been edited and Kancha Magar Nepali has been mentioned as the original composer while Almoda Rana Uprety has been named as the music arranger for the song. Well, after all this controversy, if you ask me what I personally feel  about his whole controversy then first of all, I would definitely say that the song is quite beautiful and this is how most of our old folk songs are.

It is no wonder that our nation has unlimited treasure in terms of folk song and music. It is certainly a great thing that those treasures have been presented beautifully in modern times so that all of us can enjoy its wonders. Almoda Rana Uprety should definitely be respected for bringing out the Old treasures into public notice once again. Whatsoever, it wouldn’t hurt to get permission from the original composers or owners and give credits to them. Being a music composer himself, it is also important to remember about the hard work and effort put in by the original composers and creators.

It would really be an appreciable gesture from the team ‘Chakka Panja’ if they could provide some sort of compensation to the family of Late Kancha Nepali as some sort of a tribute to the great composer. Similarly, the name of original composer should be mentioned in the video as well as the Film credits. We hope the Film makers and Almoda Rana Uprety will make a respectable effort to end the controversy.

Check the reaction of singer Astha Raut and reply of Filmmaker Deepak Raj Giri in the link below.

Singer Astha Raut speaks on the ‘Chakka Panja’ issue as Deepak Raj Giri posts an apology. Controversy or Publicity Stunt?


2 thoughts on “This new song from Chakka Panja-2 is so awesome but sadly it has been accused of ‘Stealing’!

  1. यदि यो चोरी नै भएको हो भने पुरानो गाना राखिदिनुस अनि मात्रै हामी बिश्वास गर्छौ ।

    • Dear Ganesh, Please check the Facebook status of Deepak Raj Giri which you can see in another post. He has clearly stated everything.However, I have said that Almoda was accused of Plagarism.

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